Holistic Oncology Treatments

Oncology Complementary Therapy Treatments

Experiencing cancer is an incredibly challenging time both emotionally and physically. Complementary therapies can give comfort and support by providing an opportunity to relax and feel nourished. All of the therapies I practice are safe to have whilst going through cancer treatment. Some of my treatments are 'hands on' such as massage and reflexology but for those times when a client feels too senstive to be touched we can work with reiki, flower remedies or aromatherapy to bring inner peace and relaxation. My role is provide maximum flexibility and I can adapt my treatments according to the unique needs of each client.

How is an oncology treatment different to a standard treatment?

Oncology treatments allow for the adaptations and flexibility that may be necessary to provide the best support for each individual client. During our consultation we will discuss any surgery, or therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy as well as the emotional and physical needs in the moment. The right approach will depend upon the stage that a client is at in their cancer treatment and how they are feeling in themselves. For example: it may be that a full body massage is not the best option at this time, in which case we may choose some reflexology or a hand and face massage, or possibly some reiki. Or even a combination of them all. My training as an oncology complementary practitoner gives me an awareness of the many changes that can occur in the body due to the side effects of cancer drugs or surgery and how they impact the body. As well as working to alleviate the discomfort of these symptoms it is extremely important that as a therapist I know how not to compound them. For example, the removal of lymph nodes affects the body's capacity to drain lymph in that region, therefore any massage strokes must work to draw lymph away from that area and not towards it.

Time to talk

My oncology treatments are the same price as standard treatments. However, I allow an additional half an hour. At such a vulnerable time I believe it is important that my clients don't feel hurried, allowing extra time means that we can talk through a full consultation discussing emotional and physical issues without the pressure of this impacting the length of the actual treatment.